8. July 2014
The UN has moved to renew the working group on human rights and business’ mandate – and the institute is represented in the group. The mandate signals a commitment to furthering human rights through companies.
26. March 2014
The Danish minister for Trade and Development learned of local conflict solving and access to justice in a small Malian village. The Danish Institute for Human Rights has worked in this area since 2007.
12. March 2014
Although roughly 80 percent of all Africans deal with informal justice systems rather than official courts. Yet, the area is thoroughly understudied. Four new reports examine how the informal justice systems deal with homicide, sexual abuse of children and mediation in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.
6. February 2014
For the first time, human rights education in Danish schools and teacher education programmes has been thoroughly examined. The study finds that human rights education must be significantly strengthened. The mapping also offers inspiration for improving human rights education internationally.
20. November 2013
The Danish Institute for Human Rights invites for debate on the role of Islam in politics in the Middle East.In the aftermath of the Arab uprisings new constitutions are being written - but it is heavily contested what role religion should be given in the new defining laws.