18. September 2014
The Danish Institute for Human Rights has just conducted training in Tunisia. 23 people from four countries got an introduction to human rights based approach.
9. September 2014
A summary report of the views expressed by stakeholders during a panel discussion on Human Rights Impacts Assessments has now been published by the rapporteur of the event, SustainAbility. The roundtable took place in April 2014 and was facilitated by the Danish Institute for Human Rights.
9. September 2014
The Danish Institute for Human Rights has been working in China since 1999. During this period, several central laws have been revised granting the majority of the Chinese significantly more rights when they face the judicial system.
4. September 2014
The new sector wide impact assessment pinpoints four themes that challenge the human rights impact of oil and gas industry in Myanmar. The assessment is much needed as 36 contracts for oil and gas exploitation have been granted within Myanmar in 12 months.
27. August 2014
The African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights is exploring the possibility of establishing a new legal aid fund in order to secure better access to the court for ordinary people. The Danish Institute for Human Rights is helping the process along.
8. July 2014
The UN has moved to renew the working group on human rights and business’ mandate – and the institute is represented in the group. The mandate signals a commitment to furthering human rights through companies.
26. March 2014
The Danish minister for Trade and Development learned of local conflict solving and access to justice in a small Malian village. The Danish Institute for Human Rights has worked in this area since 2007.