The Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) is happy to share our expertise with the press and public. We can often help with background info and our experts and researchers will readily contribute with unbiased reviews, analysis and critical input to the debate on human rights in Denmark and abroad.

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  • 1. December 2013
    Assesing and managing the human rights impacts of their work can be quite a task for companies. The Danish Institute for Human Rights launches a new guide to help.
  • 20. November 2013
    The Danish Institute for Human Rights invites for debate on the role of Islam in politics in the Middle East.In the aftermath of the Arab uprisings new constitutions are being written - but it is heavily contested what role religion should be given in the new defining laws.
  • 3. November 2013
    It has been 10 years since the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme was launched. On the 15th of November the anniversary will be celebrated in style.
  • 29. October 2013
    The Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) is currently involved in the Council of Europe's work to develop a Guide on Human Rights for Internet Users.
  • 14. October 2013
    A prestigious prize given every three years for outstanding research in international law has been awarded to the Institute's Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen.
  • 10. October 2013
    Protection of religion against defamatory speech or protection of free speech against restrictive legislation? This conflict has crystallized the normative polarisation between liberal and Islamic approaches to human rights, researcher Marie Juul Petersen writes.

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The Danish Institute for Human Rights has a number of experts on various topics relating to human rights, such as equal treatment, citizenship, privacy, and police and many more. Furthermore, we have staff members who work internationally and have extensive knowledge on specific countries or regions.